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We offer clinical use puncture frames that are compatible with all types of probes. Applicable probe brands: GE, Philips Siemens Esaote Toshiba Hitachi Aloka Medison Sonosite Mindray, etc.
We offer clinical use puncture frames that are compatible with all types of probes. Applicable probe brands: GE, Philips Siemens Esaote Toshiba Hitachi Aloka Medison Sonosite Mindray, etc.
We offer clinical use puncture frames that are compatible with all types of probes. Applicable probe brands: GE, Philips Siemens Esaote Toshiba Hitachi Aloka Medison Sonosite Mindray, etc.
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Rencheng look forward to have ideals, the pursuit of talent and distributors in cooperation with us with passion, sweat and wisdom to create a better future, opening a magnificent life! To help you quickly understand and into Rencheng, make pleasant our cooperation, please read the following information about the company Insung join:
First, join Rencheng
1) Entry Requirements: New recruits must complete the registration form good candidates, to produce all original documents valid for examination and diploma, certificate, identity card, medical certificate and a copy to five inch photo handle registration formalities, new employees must ensure that all documents and information submitted to the company etc. real and effective, otherwise the company may at any time terminate the labor relationship, and to hold legal responsibility;
2) Training: Rencheng will conduct orientation for new employees, including training company history, organizational structure, corporate culture, work systems, performance systems, etc; according to different positions, different arrangement of training courses;
3) contract: the trial qualified new employees, Rencheng will work with new employees retroactive official "labor contract", calculated from the date of the beginning of the trial of the term of the contract;
4) Working Hours: Rencheng follow the national holidays system and implement a five-day workweek, working on commuting time is defined as: Morning: 8: 30-12: 00 pm: 14: 00-17: 30;
5) Payroll: Rencheng wages paid by the designated banks. After new employees go through entry formalities completed, I shall in the designated bank card copies submitted to the Administration Department Company;
6) Insurance apply: Rencheng for employees to pay various kinds of insurance, such as the original pay new employees with insurance (pension, medical insurance, accident, maternity, unemployment, etc.), the number of insurance and insurance handed this administrative unit, field personnel need to forwarding Insurance or did not apply before the insurance shall notify the Department in advance, and related materials are ready, with the administrative unit handled;
7) work email: Rencheng staff uniform work using E-mail, unified distribution Administration Department employee mailboxes will be the new company;
8) Working Address: Rencheng headquarters is currently located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou Lee Silver Tea Expo Center. In addition to the foreign office or branch operations staff, and other personnel are in this office.
Second, joining Insung
1, joining conditions
1) with an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire success and dedication, a good sense of brand management;
2) having the ability to independently bear civil liability of the natural or corporate persons;
3) has a good social and business reputation, a certain commercial management ability and experience;
4) in the open market at the same time, timely market information feedback to the company;
5) shall promptly provide users with pre-sale, sale, service, actively cooperate with the promotional activities undertaken by the company;
6) payment after signing the contract shall, according to the different levels of our company sales target requirements.
2, Acting rights
1) enjoy my company to provide qualified products and promotions agency wholesale price;
2) enjoy my company to provide technical training, promotional planning support, and enjoy my company's rebate policy;
3) key customers or large-scale projects, the company will provide special support to help distributors, resellers transaction;
4) I promise not directly by agents and distributors, resellers, customers within the distribution area of ​​business dealings, if direct contact with our company, our company are transferred to the client responsible for the region's distributors, resellers ;
5) Acting expiration, we have the priority to renew the agency;
Under 6) the same conditions, franchisees enjoy the cut on a regional agency priority;
7) agents at all levels to enjoy the different price treatment.
3, market discipline
1) in strict accordance with the regional business scope, the company did not get the license can not be cross-regional sales.
2) strict implementation of the system of market price range the company to develop.
3) agency under the lower-level agents, distributors, my company does not direct its delivery. Superior agent for the lower-level agents, distributors and suppliers to regulate the management of its business operations.
4) supervision between distributors, resellers each other and found that offenders, timely contact with me, been verified we immediately suspend cooperation with the offenders, and make the appropriate punishment.
4, after-sale protection
Rencheng service and technical support system, each responsible for a franchisee technical guidance, support and tracking services, and opened 24-hour free service hotline: 020-87228723, ready to serve you.